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You can prune them once a year, towards the end of June through.

Pruning requirements vary according to facility type, tree species, and line proximity. Ocala Electric Utility's goal during routine maintenance is to prune branches and remove trees that are growing into, or have the potential to grow or fall into, the lines before the next scheduled cycle and potentially interrupting your service. The optimum approach to trimming to adopt the TCIA and ISA guidelines of one-thrid and one-fourth: Only cut 1/4 or less of the crown of the tree year; Keep the side branches to 1/3 the circumference of the main trunk, or if a multi-trunked tree, the circumference of each individual trunk.

When pruning the Hedge Trimming Guys in Ocala, FL recommends that you disinfect the blades with 10% solution of bleach between cuts to prevent spreading diseases. Customers can reach us on for more information.

The Hedge Trimming Guys in Ocala, FL have been managing hedges in Ocala, FL for a long time and our wealth of experience Location: Ocala, FL. Jun 17, Cedar trees are easy to care for, and once established you will not need to spend a lot of time grooming them. You can prune them once a year, towards the end of June through the beginning of July; Missing: Ocala FL. Apr 02, However, there are a few circumstances when it is a good idea to trim cedar trees.

One such circumstance is when a cedar develops two leaders. Cedars are stronger and more beautiful if they have only one central leader. If your young cedar tree grows competing leaders, you’ll want to remove the weaker bushclearance.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins. Sep 21, Any closer to the trunk and you will be exposing dead leaves and branches that may never fill in again, leaving your shrub permanently scarred.

Determine if branches are dead by gently bending the tip of the branch--if it bends, it may still be alive, but if the tip snaps off, the branch is dead and can be removed all the way back to the trunk.

For best results, your cedar shrub should be pruned in late winter or early spring, before new growth appears. Separate a few branches carefully to allow access to the center portion of the bushclearance.pwg: Ocala FL.

2. Look for that hedge length under hedge length in the chart below for hedges up to 6' high. 3. Find the rate to trim a hedge of that length. 4. You can choose which months to have your hedge trimmed. If your hedge is higher than 6 ft.

Place the tree in the middle, keeping the top of the root ball even with the soil surface.

you have to look at the chart for hedges up to 10 ft. high below. Please bushclearance.pwg: Ocala FL. Dec 27, Prune overgrown cedar trees carefully; the trees are green only on the outer portion of the branch.

If too much green is cut away, it will not grow back and the tree may die. Prune sparingly to Missing: Ocala FL.

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