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All dead branches must be removed during pruning.

Feb 08, How to Care for an Amur Maple Hedge Trim Amur maples into hedges that narrow toward the top so sun reaches all parts of the plant. Prune once in mid- to late summer and once in spring with pruning shears; trim branches back “to within 2 inches of the last pruning” to maintain shape, according to the University of Minnesota bushclearance.pwg: Tavernier FL.

Feb 05, Stem cuttings of young shoots should be done in June or July. The cuttings should consist of two to three pairs of leaves and one pair of buds on the base.

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Trim the cuttings below the lowest node to remove the lower leaves leaving three or four at the tip. A rooting hormone may be applied to improve rooting before bushclearance.pwcal Name: Acer ginnala or Acer tataricum subsp.


Amur maple is a medium-sized tree that's native to Manchuria and Japan. The natural shape of this lovely maple is quite attractive with only minimal pruning. However, you can train it as a standard with a single trunk or even prune it into a tall shrub, if desired. Follow these easy steps to keep your amur maple in shape. Amur maple is a medium Missing: Tavernier FL. Apr 22, The time to prune depends on what you want to do with it.

For that tree, id you wanted it to be a shrub/hedge you would prune with shears during the growing season (now). In your case, I would wait until it's dormant, but after the coldest part of winter. You didn't give your hardiness zone, but here that would be about February/bushclearance.pwg: Tavernier FL.

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