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Fungal leaf spot disease can cause mulberry leaves to turn yellow and drop prematurely. The fungus often affects trees with poor air circulation.

While birds love the fruit of mulberry trees-a phenomenon that will also cause unwanted messes in your yard-we must admit that we do not.

It is also more common in older trees or trees. Feb 07, The important thing to remember is that you will need to clean up and dispose of all the fallen leaves in the fall or winter. The mulberry leaf spot fungi overwinter on the fallen leaves and in the spring, the rain will splash the fungi back onto the tree, which re-infects it for the next bushclearance.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Disease. Armillaria root rot, commonly called Texas root rot, affects all mulberries to one degree or another, first causing discolored and dropped leaves, then killing branches and entire trees. Prevent the disease by keeping the tree healthy and by planting resistant varieties, such as a fruitless white mulberry.

Burn all trimmings immediately. Rake all tree bits, leaves, fruit and fallen branches from beneath the tree and dispose of them as well. Mar 20, Red mulberry (Morus rubra), is a native, deciduous tree, found in moist soils from South Florida to west Texas.

What is wrong with my tree?

Also called American Mulberry, this tree grows to heights of 40 feet tall with the tree growing taller in the northern parts of its range. The pollen from male trees is extremely allergenic while female trees cause few to no allergies. Don’s Expert Answers: Mulberry tree has yellow leaves and has slowed in growth, has dropped fruit since arriving to this subburb.

Currently renovating and therefore there is a large pile of limestone 2metres from tree. it was transplanted two years ago and was growing rapidly prior to moving.

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