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However, June is very early for this process to start, even in.

} Jun 30, If you are providing adequate water for your trees, leaf drop with no other symptoms of insects or disease is not a cause for concern. Locust trees prefer a more moist climate but are able to adapt to our hot, dry environment by disposing of excess leaves.

Locust trees are also very susceptible to aphids, insects common in locust trees this year. Honey Locust Tree Leaves Have Dropped Off; Honey Suckle Which Had Yellow Leaves Now Has Green Leaves; Top Leaves Of New Growth Of Honey Locust Tree Have Turned Red; Thornless Golden Honey Locust Tree Has Thinned Out And Leaves Turned Yellow Brown And Crepe Myrtle Has White Dust; Locust Tree Has Lost All Leaves In Some Areas; Locust Tree Leaves Turning Yellow And Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

Aug 17, Honey locusts are great lawn/patio trees because their leaves are so small.

Diagnosis of the disease is easier if fruiting bodies the spore-producing structures of the fungi are present.

August is normal for leaf drop and if you had a super hot summer an avenue of stress and excess leaf drop. – stormy Aug 18 '16 at Answer: The browning of the honey locust foliage is probably due to the mimosa webworm. Damage occurs when the caterpillars tie honey locust leaflets together and feed on the foliage inside the tightly compressed, protective webs. Affected foliage gradually turns brown.

There are two generations of caterpillars per year. The Locusts do get aphids in the spring and summer, however they do disappear and new growth happens.

To grow this plant, you should position it in partial sun and water it moderately.

These trees are great shade trees. The leaves are a beautiful golden colour in the spring and are the last leaves to fall in the autumn. They look almost gothic during the winter months with their zig zagging branches.

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