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Excessive resinosis resin flow also indicates heart or root diseases.

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Weakened sapwood resulting in loss of control when falling trees & limits solid wood for wedging. Overhead hazards, i.e., dead or hanging limbs falling on the faller.

Indicators of potential felling hazards: Dead Limbs: limbs of all sizes and species with decay evident cracking, or loose, hung-up limbs. Avoid working under overhead hazards. Environmental conditions that increase risk from hazard trees: Strong or gusty winds from storm cells. Air operations - water or retardant drops, rotor wash from helicopters. Steep slopes with rolling material. Diseased or bug-killed areas (Mountain Pine Beetle).

Fire weakened timber. Reduced visibility from smoke, fog or darkness. Keystone Heights, FL Squirrels. Squirrel Biology and Habits. Hazards. While most trespassing squirrels are merely a nuisance, they can pose a real threat to humans. It is estimated that 25 - 50% of all fires of unknown origin are caused by rodents gnawing electrical wires.

Trimming trees back feet from the structure will help to. Trees damaged by rots are common in all campgrounds. Many trees display conks or visible decay. The presence of rot does not always warrant immediate tree felling. The severity of hazard is linked to tree diameter and average thickness of sound wood.

Spores produced by rot-causing fungi enter the tree through natural injuries and human.

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