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} Apr 02, How to Prune Lilac Bushes. When pruning lilacs, cutting back the tops of overgrown stems is oftentimes not enough. It is generally better to cut the entire stem. Trimming lilacs is best accomplished using clippers.

Remove spent blooms all the way to the stems to prevent seeding and encourage more blooms later on. Cut back about a third of the bushclearance.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins. Apr 28, Fragrant, colorful lilacs are easy to grow in most regions.

Whether your lilac is a shrub or a small tree, it will need to be regularly pruned in order to maintain a healthy shape and size. To prune lilacs, get to work in the spring: cut fresh flowers 75%(4). Jul 14, There are several techniques involved in pruning a lilac bush: Get rid of dead, broken or diseased stems first, as well as any weaker branches. In addition, cut branches to prevent rubbing or crossing. Remove old stems that are thicker than two bushclearance.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins.

May 04, Cut back the wood over three years if lilac bushes are overgrown. If the bush is large or overgrown, you can cut a third of the canes each year for three years to bring it back under control. You will still have flowers every year. To do this: Cut one-third of the oldest lilac canes Views: K. After your lilac bush has finished blooming, spread some lime and well-rotted manure around the base. Trim the bush to shape it, and remove suckers at the same time.

Anyway, last season after reading and watching the videos, I went about pruning.

Pruning Lilacs. Lilacs bloom on old wood, so it’s critical to prune in the spring right after they bloom. If you prune later in the summer, you may be removing the bushclearance.pwg: Eastpoint FL. Dip the pruning shears, loppers or any other cutting tools in rubbing alcohol or a solution that contains 10 percent bleach and 90 percent water between uses to disinfect the tools and prevent the Missing: Eastpoint FL. General Lilac Care.

care of lilac bushes pruning, Eastpoint FL

For old, poorly cared for plants that have become tangled masses of suckers, prune the bushes after bloom care of lilac bushes pruning rejuvenate them. A fertilizer for lilac bushes can be applied in early spring but a better way to reinvigorate these tired old plants is by pruning out 1/3 of the old canes for three successive bushclearance.pwg: Eastpoint FL.

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